Diploma in Broadcasting

KP/JPS (KR 7972)-02/12

Accredited by Lembaga Akreditasi Negara (LAN)

Students will be engaged with creative and practical processes of television production. Students will progress from handling basic techniques to learn of the various production processes. Teamwork is the key in all aspects of production. Students are taught in the areas of producing, camera techniques, directing, lighting, sound and editing. Basic concepts of mise-en-screen, genre, montage, audience involvement and conducting media research form part of theories taught and learned before student’s progress to produce. In all this, industry attachment is essential in order to expose students towards application of knowledge, skills and techniques learnt.

Major Subjects

  • Intro to Television Production
  • Television Studies
  • Script Writing
  • Single Camera Production
  • Videography 1
  • Video Editing
  • Audio Editing, Mixing & Dubbing
  • Multiple Camera Production
  • Videography 2
  • Directing
  • Law of Communication
  • Production Management
  • Broadcast Journalism

  • Tuition Fees: RM 18, 000
  • Duration: 2 1/2 years – Full Time