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This not the official Malaysia Institute of integrative Media (MIIM) Website. It is just a Final Project Website done. Yet all info is the same to the official website that has been brought down.





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Attention to all visitors, this is not the official website for Malaysia Institute of Integrative Media (MIIM) @Academy TV3.

This is only a final project done by me, Lionel John a student of MIIM. The contact page contains details you can get in touch with the college.

You may browse through to find out about the college as the information is from the official site which has been brought down by the management i presume.

Also the address in the contact page is the current college campus location.

But i shall post it here too:

Malaysia Institute of Integrative Media (MIIM)
Prima Penisular Business Park
Block 6, Jln Setiawangsa 11
Taman Setiawangsa 54200 Kuala Lumpur

Any Enquiries Please call: 03-4251-8637

And the email, not sure if still in use,

Sorry for any inconvenience caused. My apologies to all visitors.

Lionel John.